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Svalbard  - “The Cold Edge”


I think if you leave NZ and travel the greatest distance possible across the globe Svalbard comes close to winning the prize of land most distant!

Svalbard, formerly the Spitsbergen, archipelago is situated in the Arctic Ocean, about midway between Norway and the North Pole. Governed by Norway it comprises all lands between latitude 74° North and latitude 81° North and between longitude 10° East and longitude 35° East.

Tomorrow I board a vessel called the Akademik Ioffe in Svalbard’s main port of Longyearbyen ready to begin my Arctic work season as a guide for Quark Expeditions.

A grass roots NZ adventure against the stunning and unusual backdrop of high country Southland. Three kayakers attempt a first descent of the East Waikaia River over an epic three days facing the hardest and most sustained rapids any of them have ever encountered.

A great mixture of amazing whitewater, isolation and mountain to lowland jungle environment variation makes the Paucartambo journey an absolute classic.


Upon completing our Paucartambo descent we needed rest and Cola de Mono was the perfect place for it. JV’s shoulder had connected hard with a wall on day two on the Paucartambo and once the pain killers wore off it got worse. (JV will have his hands on the oars of a cargo raft in the Grand Canyon. I hope his shoulder feels strong!


Upper Apurimac, Salkanatay with kayaks and the second full descent of Peru´s Rio Santa Teresa!



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