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Our Winemaker's Collections - Something for Everyone

We realise that buying 6 wines when you don't know us can be a little nerve-wracking, which is why we have curated a collection of our beautiful New Zealand wines for you so that you can find your new favourites!

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Experience our award winning wines

Find out why our top rated wine is so highly reviewed by these top wine bloggers, websites and apps:

As reviewed by:

Wine Orbit

Yvonne Lorkin,

Wine Reviewer

Cameron Douglas MS

Bob Campbell, The Real Review

 Joelle Thomson, Wine Reviewer

Our Winemaker's Collection is for you if:

✓ You would like to try our wines without commiting to 6 of one variety. 

✓ You'd like a variety of great New Zealand wines for your next dinner party.

✓ You want to reward your staff for a job well done

✓ You need a gift to thank your customers and clients.

✓ You'd like to have wines on hand for those last minute gifts - housewarming, birthday or "just because".

✓ You like to have wines for those surprise visits from neighbours, family and friends.


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