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Our Land

Our Land - Our Taonga - Our Treasure

There's something magical about Aotearoa (New Zealand) that draws you in. It’s a mix between it’s spellbinding landscapes, the bounty of natural resources and the generosity of the people that makes this country one of the most beautiful and precious places on earth.
We see ourselves as the guardians of this precious land, it's our job to keep our footprint small to make sure everyone gets to experience the magic of Aotearoa the same way we have.


Aotearoa (New Zealand) summers have plenty of heat and sunshine, but it’s at nightfall when the magic really happens. When the sun dips below the horizon and takes its warm kiss away from our islands, the temperatures quickly drop and we are reminded of our secluded geographical location in the Southern Ocean. It is this unique geographic positioning that gives us one of the longest grape growing seasons on earth which is so special to the creation of our wines. Cold night time temperatures help to capture the elegant acidity and the unmistakable zesty flavours and fragrances that are the hallmark of our wines. 



Our vineyards are living organisms that we share with our workers, animals, insects and neighbours. We strive to keep our impact low and our whānau (family) safe. Our focus is on ensuring that we put more back into the land than what we take. We are farmers at heart, nurturing the elements that make our grapes unique so we can bring you Tiki Wines, our taonga (treasure) of Aotearoa (New Zealand). 




The Tiki whānau (family) is an indigenous New Zealand wine producer committed to sustainable winegrowing with an uncompromising commitment to quality. We care for our vines under the guiding Māori principles of Kaitiakitanga: the guardianship, protection and preservation of the earth for future generations. Founder Royce McKean’s family has been living and farming in Aotearoa (New Zealand) for hundreds of years.




Some of the ways in which we care for our land sustainably is by using lambs to graze our vineyards in the winter, reducing the need for spraying and mechanical mowing. We use a variety of methods to enrich our vineyard soils, such as liquid seaweed, molasses and beneficial bacteria and fungi for ground drenching. We have implemented wildflower row and root crop planting to help increase vine health and attract beneficial insects. These plantings also reduce soil compaction and help retain moisture in our soils. 

We have a strong focus on re-using and maximizing recycling opportunities wherever possible. We use organic compost sourced from a local Canterbury based producer – a company producing compost from household food waste in the region.  In 2022 we started to introduce our own compost, made from grape marc and hay grown at our head office.  Reducing the need for fertilizer, compost also helps to retain moisture, crucial for the hot days we experience here in North Canterbury.

How we work the land is hugely important to us and as a company we strive to ensure all of our actions have the long term interest of our land at heart.


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